Business Reviews – Fast and Easy Reviews!

Business Reviews is lightning fast!   Just ask your customer to review your business by typing in their name, description of their review, then select how many STARS in the review, and their zip code into the system and hit the “Add Review” button.   Everything going forward is automated. It couldn’t be any easier!

We don’t ask customers to setup an account, we don’t ask for their phone number or email.  We protect your client’s info by not asking for it!  It’s just that easy!  This is the biggest barriers to getting reviews from your clients.  Not anymore with Business Reviews!

Our Reviews show up in Google Local Listings with other reviewers such as Yelp, Facebook, Groupon and Biz Team. Your reviews will also display in the google search results with the gold stars like Yelp, Facebook and other officially recognized reviewers on the web.

Spam Blocker: Stop Fake Bad Reviews from unhappy competitors, former employees,  and other individuals trying to ruin your reputation online. We have an IP address analyzer that utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect bots and IP’s which are not reputable. If you get a review that looks wrong or a malicious looking review, click Report Spam and are admins will analyze the reviewing IP Address of review and determine if review is a result of spam and record it and block IP address from future malicious attacks. Once, you click Report Spam, it will be removed immediately from your reviews and analyzed by our IP Analyzer. If it is found to be reputable review, it will be posted back to your reviews. You can reply to the review and make your remarks to the Bad review if it is not removed.

1. You can even use our business review widget and have your reviews automatically show up on your website as soon as a customer submits it.

2. Spam Blocker: Stop Fake Bad Reviews from competitors, unhappy employees, and other individuals trying to ruin your reputation online.

3. Business owners can reply to reviews and say thanks for 5-star reviews or reply to negative reviews found to be true.

4. Improve your ranking on the search engines … The more positive reviews your site has the higher it ranks with Google!

5. Populate the Internet with Five Star Reviews – Increase your business with positive reviews.

6. You can take a review over the phone and post it to the web.

7. Submit old reviews, as old as 5 years from emails, letters etc and change date to match review.

8. Your Business is Listed in 12 Business Directories which helps get your website get ranked higher in Google. More traffic!

9. Search Engine Optimized Coupons.

10. Unlimited Reviews!



What does it cost to get started?

The cost of getting started with BizTeam is $199.00 setup fee and $149.95 monthly fee. No Contract!

What do I get for the $199.00 setup fee?

1. We setup your business review page to help your business get more calls and visibility on the internet.

2. We manually add your business website and information to 12 Business Directories. These back links to your main website and BizTeam marketing website help your business get found in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

3. You will receive one hour of consulting on Bizteam and best practices from a BizTeam representative. The BizTeam will get all info from you and optimize the data. This one to one consulting will get you the most out of our Bizteam platform.

What do I get for the $149.95 monthly fee?

1. You will have full access to our BizTeam platform for all features.

2. Your business name and website will be listed in 12 Business directories. These directory listings are exclusive only for BizTeam members.

Thanks and Much Success to your business!